Why email?

Marketing experts know that there are just 3 ways to build your business...

Attracting new customers requires expensive, increasingly-ineffective media advertising. Newspapers and magazines are struggling to maintain readership, yet they have not reduced their advertising rates. Studies have shown that a non-customer will likely see your media advertising 9 times (!) before they will consider buying from you.

Email marketing is to your existing customers… they have asked to be on your list, and asked you to send them news. They already know your business, and like their relationship with you. They offer the perfect opportunity to solicit an additional visit or two from you.

Even if they are not your customers, and are enrolling in your email program from your website, they are clearly telling you that they want to be your customer.

Email marketing gives you the benefit of direct communication with current and new customers, are a far lower cost than media advertising or direct mail. Additionally, the lead time is greatly reduced. You can have a great idea today, and your customers can be reading it tomorrow!

Anybody who tells you that email marketing doesn’t work, is mistaken. You can be assured that your competition is sending email newsletters to your customers. 90% of internet users have and use email. Studies show a huge ROI in new sales as compared to the cost of email marketing.


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